AgroCenta Services

AgroTrade enables smallholder farmers upload their agricultural produce online with the help of AgroCenta Agents. Agents are responsible for directly interfacing with the farmers, understanding their needs, uploading their deals online...
TruckR is our on-demand shipping logistic service used to transport farm produce across the entire length and breadth of the country. Farmers no longer have to wait for longer periods to access trucks. At the click of a button, trucks will be available.
AgroInfo gives smallholder farmers information on commodity pricing across various trading markets in the country via SMS and Voice solutions in local preferred local languages. This helps farmers make informed decisions on how to price competitively.
AgroPay is AgroCenta's financial inclusion product for smallholder farmers. Through AgroPay, unbanked smallholder farmers can now easily and intuitively access credit facilities, layaway some funds and transact using the power of mobile phones.