PlantRite - Enabling Growth for Women Farmers

Women make up at 45% of smallholder farmer population in Ghana. However, these rural smallholder farmers face myriads of problem from access to land to s structured market. Traditionally many women don’t own lands in Ghana and are subject to ownership challenges when it comes to access to land for agricultural purposes.

Our PlantRite women farmers in Talensi

PlantRite is a women focused project that works with key stakeholders in the value chain to empower women access land for agricultural purposes. By using technology, PlantRite focuses on giving women farmers the following:

  • Access to agricultural lands
  • Access to inputs such as certified seeds, fertilizers and tractor services
  • Access to financial literacy and trainings
  • Access to digital payments through mobile money
  • Access to a structured online market to sell commodities at competitive prices
  • Access to extension advisory services from qualified agronomists etc
  • Access to digital information such as weather information, market prices

One of our PlantRite women farmers in Nasia

Operational Areas

PlantRite works with women farmers in the Northern, Upper East and Upper West Regions of Ghana and looking to scale nationwide to reach out to more women farmers.