Sales Rep - Full Time

As a Sales Rep, you will meet customer needs by being available around the clock. Sell products to consumers to meet their needs and desires. Sounds unclear? That makes two of us, but, boss says he likes this intro.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Finds new and innovative ways of meeting the demands and needs of customers
  • Contributes to the sales team by meeting deadlines and goals
  • Travels to meet with potential clients
  • Allows sales team to make their goals by contributing to a team atmosphere
  • Acts as a liaison between company and clients
  • Makes sure that all products are in proper placement
  • Sets up displays as necessary
  • Meets with clients regarding product sales and promotions
  • Invents new and innovative ideas for product promotion
  • Works with other departments to meet sales goals
  • Resolves any and all customer complaints as it pertains to the products
  • Makes face-to-face sales with any consumers
  • Makes orders as it pertains to products in store locations
  • Provides pamphlets and other written material to encourage consumers to purchase products
  • Analyzes the competition to prevent a decline in sales and maintain market share
  • Attends any conventions that promote the sale of the product
  • Engages customers by finding their needs and resolves any complaints that a customer may have
  • Writes orders and ensures that product arrives in a timely fashion
  • Motivates others in the sales department to meet sales goals

Skills and Qualifications

  • Degree or HND in Marketing
  • Feeling lazy now so lumping all other skills on one line. Don't read and see... People Person, Sales Oriented, Financial Analysis, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Great Written and Verbal Communication Skills, Basic Computer Literacy, Basic Math Skills, Financial Ratio Knowledge, Team Building, Leadership, Client Relationship Management, Motivator

Deadline: October 15th
All interested applicants should kindly send an email to with the subject Full Time: Sales Rep Position