Our Apps

We are a technology company focused on solving market linkage and financial inclusion problems in the agricultural value chain. Over time we have built two solutions that help us efficiently deliver services within the value chain. We have covered it all from seed to warehouse. These solutions are available for organizations in the same space who wish to work more efficiently.

CropChain logo

This is our platform for facilitating trade between smallholder farmers and consumers or buyers. Over 48,000 farmers are currently signed up on CropChain with over USD500k worth of commodities traded. You or your organization can license and use CropChain to manage your farmers, warehouses, logistics and commodities.

Farmer Registrations

Know where your farmers reside, how much money they've been making in the past, their family sizes, their literacy levels and more.

Inventory Management

Easily track how many tons of commodities you have available across multiple locations. Quickly know where to concentrate more effort.

Logistics & Tracking

Which route is the most efficient to use for commodity pickups? How long will it take for customers to receive commodities they ordered?

LendIt logo

This is our financial inclusion platform targeted at smallholder farmers. We make it super easy for institutions to on-lend and disburse funds to a large network of smallholder farmers. We don't just give you access to farmers, we give you access to trustworthy low risk farmers.

Digital Payments

Farmers now receive payments via mobile money. They can pay for inputs, rent tractors and save, all through the power of their mobile phones.

Micro Lending

Financial institutions with cash to disburse to smallholder farmers often don't know which farmers are credible enough to access the cash. We do!

Crop Insurance

With so many insurance companies and offerings out there, how can farmers access only those insurance services that suit their needs and pockets.