Our Impact Agenda

At AgroCenta, our passion to change the face of Agriculture in Africa is built on three core values. Our work focuses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals through:

Livelihood empowerment for smallholder farmers:

By eliminating exploitative buying from the value chain, smallholder farmers are able to become financially independent, get enough money to take care of their families and needs thereby alleviating them from poverty

Ensuring sustainable food security

AgroCenta is contributing to the agenda of feeding 9 Billion people by 2050 though helping smallholder farmers with information of best farming practices, access to capital to produce more to ensure sustainable food security

Equal access to land

In Ghana, women form about 50% of the smallholder farmer population and access to land for farming is a major issue. Land ownership has been a preserve for men in the past and AgroCenta is working with chiefs, community and opinion leaders in communities we work in to increase the participation of women in agriculture and land ownership.